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With Artificial Intelligence


Professional Edition

AI Driven Client Acquisition & Retention

What if artificial intelligence could help you retain current clients and acquire new clients?  Well, you don’t have to image it anymore!  aiHotSpot supercharges the traditional community forum with artificial intelligence bots.  Once your portable community forum is established, you simply invite current and prospective clients to join the forum where our proprietary artificial intelligence bots are unleashed to help you market your services and boost your revenues.


Build Your Clients A Home

And Let Artificial Intelligence Do The Rest

Your forum will be a home for your clients - current and new!  A place where they come to interact with each other and with you on a daily basis.  All you do is set the initial parameters and send out the invites.  Once your clients enter the forum, our proprietary AI Intelligence and Service Bots work day and night to turn your forum into a marketing machine.


Your clients each have their own definition of what constitutes news.  They have unique interests and concerns. Your aiHotStop newsfeed will send them what they are interested in and, in doing so, increase their awareness of issues that may require your services.  Recognition of need is the first step in building client revenue.


Your aiHotSpot discussion forum will be your classroom where your clients will interact with each other and with you.  Client, both current and prospective, will have an opportunity to generate relevant discussion, ask each other (and you) questions, like and share comments and post relevant external content.  In this forum, you will build client awareness of your services and convert that need into client revenue.

Media Content

Allow our Bots to develop social media posts, educational content, newsletters, and more.  These communication channels are important and a necessary marketing activity; however, they are time consuming and require a commitment.  Our Bots will not only purpose relevant topics based on client interest, but also write and post engaging content across numerous channels.          


Allow our AI Bots to break down the barriers to communicate with your clients.  Start with AI augmented scheduling by allowing our Bots to collect communication requests from current and prospective clients, review your schedule, set an appointment, send out reminders, and establish the call.     

Meet Our AI Bots

Turn Your Community Into A Marketing Machine

Unleash the power of our proprietary AI Intelligence Bots to discover important information about your clients’ concerns, interests, and more importantly, needs.  With this information in hand and with the assistance of our AI Service Bots, the barriers of client communication will be shattered and you will be able to efficiently and effortlessly increase brand awareness and, ultimately, the need for your services.

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With aiHotSpot

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